About Us

How Lifetime Docks & Lifts came to be.

Lifetime Docks & Lifts is locally owned and
operated in Winchester, Tennessee, by owner
and boat enthusiast Martin Tyler.

Martin was very fortunate to begin working with
and learning from one of Tims Fords oldest dock
building companies, Docks Unlimited. Chris
Stephens, the previous owner of Docks
Unlimited began building docks on Tims Ford
Lake in the late 90s.

Though the name has changed and the
ownership is different, Lifetime Docks & Lifts is
committed to building upon the previous
decades of experience and results. And the
company is determined to reach even greater heights.

Martin is personally involved in every job from
start to finish, making sure that our customers
receive no less than top-quality service. He has a
passion for lakefront living and providing the
best docks and boat lifts on Tims Ford Lake.

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